Tutorial Tuesday: Dewy Summer Look Part 2 (Mostly Drugstore)

Last week we did part 1 of this look, part 1 is vital to getting that dewy summer look so if you haven’t read last weeks post please read it now.

After you have finished your skin care and allowed it to set for 20-30 minutes (I would suggest doing your hair in this time),  then you get to do your makeup!

I am starting off with the ELF Corrective Concealer, the green one, because I have a misquote bite under my eye that is very red and green cancels out red, I’m choosing to do this just to the eye that has the bite which as a makeup artist goes against what i believe in (what you do to one side you must do to the other), but this is a summer dewy look and if you layer too many products it can get thick and caky which is not what we are going for.

Next up we have the Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer, this is great for highlighting and concealing at once but don’t go too crazy with it because it is a highlighting concealer so if you apply too mic you get that white triangle under your eyes.

Then I used my L’Oreal Lumi Foundation, (I added a drop of Illimasqua Rich Liquid Foundation because my L’Oreal is a bit too light for me right now), and first tapped it lightly into my skin, then I went back over my entire face buffing it in to make sure I got it nice and blended. Please remember to take this down your neck and over your ears, I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people walking around with mismatched ears and necks 🙂

After doing my foundation I always do my brows, I like to move from top to bottom on  my face, I am using the Benefit Browzings in medium, this has to be my favorite brow product of all time, it has the wax and the powder and both look very natural.

Now I am using my Naked 2 palette starting off with Foxy, we are taking this from lid to brow bone, this is going to set the concealer we used and prime our eyes.

Then use Bootycall and take this over your brow bone and down into your inner corner tear duct area.

Then use Half Baked and apply this all over your lid, do not put it over the Bootycall that we just used but make sure that you blended it into the Bootycall or you will have a line where they meet.

Then we are using the color Tease in our crease to create extra dimension to our eyes and get a little bit of the smokey effect.

Then use Blackout really finely along your top lash line, we want this to add depth and warmth without looking too dramatic.

Then use Snakebite and lightly run it under your bottom lash line, this also adds depth and warm but because it a bronze-brown color its not heavy and dramatic.

Now using Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara, take this over your top lashes and do 3-4 passes to get nice thick and long lashes.

Then using Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 027 Sun Dance I’m taking this over my Cheekbones, forehead, temples, jawbone, and down my neck. This bronzer is really great as it has shimmer in it but not too much so it’s doesn’t look over done.

Now I’m using Maybelline Blush Stick in 10 Just Pinched Pink, this is a great blush but it is very pigmented and highlighted so only do two light swipes on the apple of your cheeks then blend up toward your temples. As this is so highlighted I would not recommend using any other additional highlighter.

Now I’m using Rimmel Airy Fairy, (Anna SacconeJoly talked about this so much I had to have it, and now I totally see why its the perfect shade!).

And finally I am applying Revlon Lipgloss in Peony over the center of my lips to give them the illusion of being fuller.

I would love to see pictures of you guys after you complete this look so tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or leave me a link below!

The video for this look is here. 



Here is todays vlog…



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