Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Brush Board

I recently stumbled across a really beautiful Brush Board that was pink and had white and purple jewels for cleaning your brush against, for lack of a better word it was Perfect….unfortunately it was $59. I decided to make my own brush board all be it a little less swanky and green instead of pink, but that was strictly because of supply.


To complete this project you will need:

1 Plastic Clipboard

1 Hot Glue Gun

3-4 Hot Glue Sticks (clear or colored your choice)

Before starting on this project you may want to first decide the design of your board, there is no set rules on what your board should look like so get creative and don’t be afraid to incorporate different shapes into your design.

Then using the glue gun start adding the hot glue to the plastic clipboard, making sure to use enough glue so that your brush has a raised surface of varying sizes to rub against whilst being cleaned.

Once you have completed your design go back and add glue to any of the spots that may be too flat.

Allow your board to cool for a minimum of 20 minutes, and then you are free to use it.

After each use of your brush board I would recommend standing the board up so all the water can drain properly.


You can see the full video tutorial below.



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