Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Coconut Sea Salt Body Scrub

I don’t know about you guys but the cooler the weather gets, (yes we do drop to the low 70’s high 60’s here in Hawaii for winter lol), the drier my skin gets, which considering I have really dry skin all the time, it starts to make me feel like its just going to start falling off like the leaves from a tree. I know I need extra moisturizing going on aside from my morning and night routine but with how sensitive my skin is I didn’t want to by a moisturizing scrub for $30, so instead I made my own for about $5!

For this you will need:

2 Cups Fine Grain Sea Salt (Pink Sea Salt would look awesome!)

1 Cup Coconut Oil

5-10 Drops Essential Oil (optional)

3-4 Drops Fragrance (optional)

Pretty container to store in.

In a bowl mix Sea Salt with Coconut Oil. Once it is completely combined and the oil has melted down add in your essential oils and or fragrance. I chose not to as I have very sensitive skin, especcially when fragrance is involved, but when you add in your essential oils add it in 5 drops at a time, when your happy with the combo then add in your fragrance 3 drops at a time.

Then store in a pretty waterproof jar in your shower/bath and use 1-2 times a week, you will notice the coconut oil is very moisturizing so it adds a little extra moisture to your body throughout the week.

What other kinds of DIY posts would you like me to do?

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