Tutorial Tuesday: DIY Valentines Day Chalkboard Jar + Giveaway

Today’s tutorial is a DIY, which I know we all love! This is for a chalkboard jar that I will be using to create individualized Valentines Day Gifts, one of which I will be giving to one of you fine people!


For this project you are going to need as many Mason Jars with lids as you need for your valentines gifts, (obviously you need 1 per person). As well as 1 can of FLAT spray paint, it must be flat so that the chalk will write on it.


You will also need whatever design you choose to put on the jar, I went with a large heart on my jar so that if the person I give it to wants to use it in their kitchen or bathroom later they are able to see what is inside of it.


Turn your jars upside down and paint all of your jars, allow to dry for 1 hour and then paint a second coat. If you are not going to cover your lids with cloth you will want to paint them with the jars.


Allow your jars to fully dry, I left mine for 2 days, then remove your stickers, you can see some of the lines aren’t as clean as I would like them to be, I was going to use nail polish remover to clean them up but decided I kind of liked the homemade look.


Then fill the jar with your gifts, this is what I did:

1 Affina Facial Scrub

1 OhHelloHair Hair Mask

1 Body Satin Hand Lotion

1 Renew Body Lotion

1 SunShades Mountain Mint Lip Balm

3 Chocolates


Then add a bow around the neck of the jar and using chalk, write your message.

This is a really fun project as well as super fun to give to people. If you do this project tag me in your pictures so I can see them!

Now on to the giveaway!!!! The jar that I created for this post/video will be given away on February 10, 2015. To enter into the giveaway you must be a subscriber to my channel as well as comment on this video with your plans for Valentines Day plans. If you would like an extra entry into this giveaway hit the “Join This Site Button” located at the left, (picture below).

Here is my full DIY Valentines Day Chalkboard Video



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