Tutorial Tuesday: Fake Nails

If you’ve been in our little corner of the Internet for a while you will already know that I deal with OCD, and one of my offshoot’s of that is nail biting, and its not your nervous I have to give a speech nail biting, its the disgusting obsessive kind that when you can’t get any lower on the nails you start of the cuticles and sides of your nails. Its repulsive I know, but its also my life, so welcome lol.

I have found that when I wear fake nails I feel less self conscious about people seeing my hands, as well as it gives my nails some time to recoup from the self-inflicted damage I have caused, I also recently saw Zoe Sugg aka Zoella wearing fake nails and thought, “hey if she can do and talk about it, so can I!’

I know that applying fake nails seems self explanatory but over the years of hiding my nails in shame I have picked up a few tips and tricks to help make them last longer and look more natural.

For this I’m using Kiss Nails and Kiss Nail Glue.

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