Tutorial Tuesday: How To Save A Dried Out Mascara

I think every girl out there has reached in her makeup bag and grabbed her mascara only to find out it has gotten a little clumpy, and sometimes completely dry, so I thought I would show you a quick money saving trick that a lot of makeup artists use.

You will need your dried out mascara

Eye drops (I used Visine)

If your mascara is really really really dried out you will want to start with 8-10 drops of your eye drops straight into the bottle of mascara, then close the mascara and shake it up and down or tap it against the palm of your hand. Then open the mascara and pull the wand in and out quickly several times.

Now check your mascara, does it look like a normal mascara or is it still a little dry?

If it’s still dry add another 3-5 drops and repeat the process.

It should at this point be ready to use again, if it isn’t you can repeat the process again but if it still isn’t ready for you then sadly I think this mascara is done.

I hope this helped you guys, and look foreword to next weeks tutorial. Leave a comment below saying what you would like next weeks tutorial to be about.



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