Tutorial Tuesday: My Hot Humid Makeup Look Drugstore

Lately it has been so hot and humid here in Hawaii that I cannot bring myself to wear anything on my face, sadly though I feel like I need to have something on in order to run my day to day errands, so I created a little look for myself that not only takes 5-10 minutes flat, but also doesn’t make me feel like my “makeup” face is melting off my “real” face lol

For this I used the Maybelline the Nudes Palette, Nyx Eye Base, Rimmel ScandalEYEs Mascara and Revlon Chubby Stick in Just bitten.

I used the second color on the bottom row to fill in my brows.

I then used the NYX eye base as a primer on my eyelids, then I applied the 3rd color on the top row from my lash line to my brow bones, followed by the 2nd color on the top row swept through the crease, then used the 2nd to last color on the button row all over my lids. I then used a liner brush to apply the last color on the top row to my upper lash line, followed by the 1st color on the bottom row along my lower lash line.

Then sweep the mascara over your lashes followed by the Revlon Lip Stick and then use your finger to lab at the lip stick so it looks more natural…and your done!

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