Tutorial Tuesday: My (New) Current Hair Routine






I thought since I have new hair, now would be a great time to share my new current hair routine, the first thing I do is wash my hair (on Sunday night and Wednesday night), with the Aussie Moisture shampoo, I was it 2x in the shower because I use a lot of product throughout the week and want to get it all out, then I condition with the Aussie 3 minute Miracle Moist Conditioner and allow it to sit for 5 minutes, after rinsing I squeeze (not wring) my hair and then put it in a towel for a few minutes.




Then using the Revlon Uniq One Coconut Leave in detangler I put a few sprays of this bad boy in my hair it it will do pretty much everything, detangle, UV Protection, Shine, Color Protection…and it goes on for about another 5 minutes hahaha, Then I use the Tresemme Keratin smooth end serum on my ends and then add in the Tresemme Heat Protectant and allow my hair to get about 80% dry I in my “Hair Cocktail” its 1 pump of Bead Head Blow-Out and 1 1/2 pump of It’s a 10 Miracle Styling Serum, and then I blow-dry going from the roots to end with a paddle brush until dry. Once dry I add another pump of Bead Head Blow-Out and 1 1/2 pumps of It’s A 10 Miracle Serum run it through my hair and then I brush my bangs to the side and I’m good to go. Throughout the week I use the Dove Dry Shampoo and Garnier Dry Shampoo and continue to add my Hair Cocktail.

If you would like to see the video or this you can find it here.



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