Being Vegan Week 2 | My Meals Monday

  Today marks week 2 of my 21 Day Vegan Challenge, I am feeling so much better, I fully get why people say you just need to get past day four and you’ll start to feel better. This week I am also trying to incorporate a few new things into my morning routine that is supposed to be healthy, though it does make the routine a bit longer. 

AM Step 1

I am bringing each morning with a lemon water, this is supposed to be really good for your gut & digestive system, I did warm water and 1/4 a lemon with a tiny drop of Agave.

AM Step 2

This is honestly the worst thing ever to drink but it’s supposed to be so good for you, it’s Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, I really struggle taking this so I always have a bit of Orange Juice ready so I can drink it down and “try” to hide the taste, though it doesn’t work as well as I would like it to lol.


This has become one of my favorite breakfasts, this is toast with Earth Balance which is a Vegan butter, a whole avocado, sliced tomatoes, and salt & pepper. It tastes so good!!! I also had a black coffee.


Today I had a meeting about an hour away from my house so I took a bounce ball with me as I figured I would get hungry and I also got an unsweetened green tea from Starbucks.


When I got home I was starving so I made a roman lettuce and kale salad with tomatoes, baby cucumber, and balsamic glaze.


We ordered “burgers” from a local place called The Counter I got a “Cheese Burger” with fries, this was my first fully vegan burger, it was quite good but I didn’t love the cheese it was a bit spicy tasting.

That is everything I ate today, I would love to know what you ate today and also have you ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar?

You can watch my full video for this post here.


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