My Week In Pictures July 16-22, 2017


Today I spent at the beach. We are getting our A/C cleaned which requires the dogs to be out of the house for 4-5 hours. It was absolutely gorgeous out, there was a lot of wind, which was nice because it was also hot out in the sun. The waves at Sandy Beach were massive, Louis loved it, Charlie not so much lol.


I again spent way to much money at Sephora lol. I wanted to try the Clinique sunscreen as I always struggle to find one that works with my sensitive skin. I was also dying to try the Kat Von D Shade + Light palette, so I splurged, even though I didn’t need it, seems to be the story of my life.


I think I may have a shopping addiction lol, and it actually doesn’t help that I review makeup as a job. I did really want to try the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation as their are so many people that rave about it, so expect a full review soon.


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I took the drone out today, it was so windy but it was still so fun to fly. I love being able to see the whole area from above, thats what I love most about drones, it gives you a totally different view of something you’ve been seeing for years.

Thats everything I got up to this week. Sorry it was so short but I’ve been doing a bit of overtime on our real estate business. Hopefully next week will be a bit better.


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