My Week In Pictures July 2-8, 2017


Due to being so sick last week I spent most of my time chilling with my babies in the guest room/my office. I like hanging out in there because it’s connected to the living room which makes me feel like I’m still part of everything going on.

Because we spent so much time in there Charlie has now made this his go to place, he loves how comfy and plush the bed is. Also how cute is he in this picture? I feel like I always get the best sleeping pictures of him, he’s my own sleeping beauty!


All I wanted was to get some really cute OOTD pictures to use for a blog post. I love this outfit, the shirt is just a cheap white tee from Forever21, the skirt is from Asos (you can watch the haul video for this here), and the shoes are Converse. Unfortunately when we got out the the wind was so bad we didn’t get any good pictures, but the time I would get my hair situated and Don snapped the picture either my posture was bad, I wasn’t smiling, or I had an awkward hand.

I suppose this is a lesson learned, don’t take OOTD pix when it’s windy, they never work out.


Happy Birthday America! When ever I say or here that phrase I think of the movie We’re The Millers and here it in a Minnesota accent lol. Today was the 4th of July, I wanted to do a really cool OOTD post again!!! and wasn’t able to as Don unfortunately caught my illness and we didn’t get to do or go anywhere. It was still a nice day as we stayed in watched movies all day, and ordered takeout!


I am finally feeling 100% back to normal, I gotta tell you that cold/flu was horrible, and I missed a little over a full week in the gym, but now that I’m feeling better I’m determined to get back to where I was and to also start doing my hair and makeup regularly, it really does make you feel better when you’re a bit more put together.


I told you he is loving hanging out in the guest room, now if I could only convince he and Louis to sleep in here at night and get my bed back lol. I thought this was such a cute picture, I was getting ready to film a video for something that definitely isn’t pictured above lol, and he fell asleep on my lens. I really needed to start working on the video but I honestly couldn’t wake him, it was just too cute, and he looked so peaceful!

And that is what I got up to this week, I know I didn’t post a picture everyday, but as I wasn’t feeling well there wasn’t anything to post, but I will do better next week! Also I would love if you guys left your Instagram usernames in the comments below so we could all go follow each other, and so I can see what all of you got up to this week!


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