My Week In Pictures July 23-29, 2017


Today was insanely hot and humid, at one post it was 70% humidity, and when you factor in the 90 degree temperature it was pretty miserable. At about 5pm I finally had to venture out of the air conditioned house to walk the dogs, and everything felt so calm and beautiful. Though thinking about it now it was probably so calm because everyone was indoors lol. When I snapped this picture I didn’t realize the sun flare coming through the tree until I got home, and suddenly felt like I was a photographer lol.


This is another tree picture but I had to share it. These trees get pruned this way but they always remind me of the mushrooms in Mario. I have been focusing on becoming more positive, and amongst getting rid of negative people or things in my life, I’m also trying to focus on the beauty of life itself, and this tree is beautiful!


This was a big moment for me, I actually made it to the gym by 9am!!! I workout with a training 4 days a week at 10am, but I should also be doing some cardio before that, so my this week was everyday by 9am be at the gym. Wednesday was the first day I did make it there by 9am, but I also got there on time on Thursday and Friday, so I consider that a win!


As I write this, this Mojito looks very enticing and it was quite good at the time as well. I was actually out celebrating losing one dress size, I tried on my skinny jeans today and they fit!!!

As I’m on this huge fitness and healthy journey, I feel it’s important to have mini goals to keep me going, which is why I bought a pair of paints that were one size too small, and I try them on every week or two. Two weeks ago I couldn’t get them over my hips and today they fit, so Don and I decided to go get a drink to celebrate. I left at that, no big cheat meal or anything as this was my first victory and I have many more to go.

That is everything I got up to this week, you can keep up to date on what I’m doing by following my Instagram, and don’t forget to leave your Instagram handle in the comments so we can all follow each other as well!!!


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