My Week In Pictures October 1-7, 2017


Today I spent the entire day in the kitchen and at Costco, Monday starts my clean eating challenge and I needed to get all my meal prep done, and I did!!! I’m super excited about this challenge and can’t wait to see how I feel!

I went out to walk the dogs this evening and this was the view, absolutely gorgeous!


Today is the official start of my clean eating challenge, the first meal I had was clean banana pancakes! To make these us need 1 semi ripe banana, 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, place it all in a blender, mix and then pout into a very hot pan!

Today was such a sad day, the world awoke to hear of a mass shooting in Las Vegas, and it seemed like before they even had the victims accounted for politicians were already pointing fingers and politicizing the attack. The world has become so polarized and so hate filled, that at a moment when we should have all come together we chose to go to our party corners instead. This makes me so sad, nobody should be afraid to attend a concert, or festival, or nightclub, or school, or work for fear of an attack, and it’s up to our leaders that we elected to not only provide their “thoughts & prayers” but also to solve the problem, to leave party politics behind and say “NO MORE”! This is the link for the GoFundMe started by the city of Las Vegas for the victims if you would like to donate.


I was out walking the dogs when I realized a tree that I was taller than when we moved into our condo is now taller than me, I have now decided that means we’ve been here to long and need to move lol!


I’ve started decorating my filming space for Fall!!! This is my favorite time of year and it makes me so happy to put up pumpkins and fall foliage on the walls!


Today I talked Don into cutting down the ugly fan palms on our lanai and buying new trees!!! When we were at the nursery picking out our new trees we came across a wild rooster, who was so pretty. Here in Hawaii we have chickens and boars everywhere, in fact when we flew into Kauai we had to wait on the runway for a momma hen and her babies to get across lol!

Whilst at the nursery I came across this beautiful flower, I was unsuccessful in convincing Don we needed this as well, but I did grab a picture hahaha!


The 12K giveaway ends on Sunday at midnight so I post another picture of the items to remind everyone to get their entries in!


Charlie was recently playing in the park with a dog that is much bigger than him, he plays with this dog all the time, she unfortunately got a little rough with him so we had to make them stop playing, and it caused him a neck injury. He is on pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication but he is still in a bit of pain and wants to just lay on top of me all day. Today was spent watching the entire series of Doctor Foster, and doing my nails, I went silver and a deep maroon, but the filter makes it look more red than it is.

That is everything I got up to this week, you can always keep up to date by following my Instagram, and don’t forget to leave me a comment with your Instagram handle so we can all follow you!




  1. Brenda Esquivel Villanueva
    October 8, 2017 / 10:29 pm

    Yeah for meal prepping. Is hard for me too cook food healthy can you let me know what group you know I can follow. I don’t rememeber catching the name of the group

    • Katie Snyder
      October 9, 2017 / 8:20 pm

      I linked it in the My Meals Monday post but you can also go here: if you don’t want to sign up for the challenge join her public Facebook group, she posts a lot of recipes in there.

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