Weight loss Channel Update

So as you guys know last year I promised to lose a few extra pounds, but in the end that didn’t go well. I went from about 140 lbs last January to 180 lbs this January (oops), So this year as part of my “ME 2014” plan I will be uploading 3 times  a week to my 2BeeHealthy Channel. This is will help keep me accountable as well as maybe inspire a few of you to join me on this journey! So here is the new upload schedule:

Workout Wednesday:

    I will upload a complete video of my workout for that day it will not be edited down for a shorter video because I would like you to see exactly what I do as well as have evidence for myself that I can make it through a tough workout I just have to get off the couch.

Food Friday:

     will upload a video diary of everything I ate that day including drinks, I will not censor my eating on Fridays so I “look good” I will be 100% honest.

Stat Saturday:

    This is the day I will be dreading every week. This video will consist of a before and current picture as well as a video with my current weight, and measurements (Arm, Bust, Waist, Hips, Thigh, and Calf).

    I hope you follow me on this horrible (lol) journey and if you are trying to lose weight as well feel free to leave a comment below linking your blog, youtube channel, or we can just have a comment chat on your progress.



Channel Update Video



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