Wet n Wild Fergie Review

In my last DrugStore Haul I said I would do a review of the Wet & Wild Fergie line, when I think of Wet & Wild I always think of “Tween” makeup because its very cheap, probably the cheapest makeup in my local drugstore, as well as the quality has never been that great.
I purchased the Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne and the Eye Primer in CA027 For All My Primas.
Lets start with the Eye Primer, when choosing it at the drugstore I got a little confused because their was 3 different shades to choose from, yet all 3 said they dried clear, so why would you have 3 shades if they all dry clear? Then when I got it home and tried to open it, it was like the most difficult package EVER!!! It looks like the cardboard should slip out of the plastic holder, but its actually glued together and both the cardboard and plastic is thicker than normal, in the end the plastic ripped open before the cardboard.

 Before opening it I did notice that the primer is in a squeeze tube but has a flat top so you can actually stand it up on your counter top rather than laying it down, which to me is important as I don’t like a messy looking counter. The tube is very sleek looking with the solid black and the silver writing, I actually like the tube better than my Urban Decay Primer tube.

When I finally went to use it a squeezed the tube and just oil came out because the product had separated which means its been sitting for to long, but I massaged the tube and got mixed again. So I again squeezed the tube and the first thing I noticed was the smell coming from the product, which is very similar looking color wise to the Urban Decay Primer, but the smell was like burnt plastic. I thought maybe I had imagined it so I washed my hands and squeezed again, and again there was that smell! It concerns me that this product has such a horrible smell to it because we are putting this on our eyes which has some of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on our body as well as sometimes product gets in the actual eye. I applied the primer, which took FOREVER to dry, I did my entire face meaning primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer  blush  and highlight,  and this product was still damp! When it finally dried I noticed it was not clear it was the same  color as it was when it cam out of the tube, but I’m not to concerned about that. I intentionally wore dark colors in order to see if there is a lot of creasing, I’m sorry to say there was, it was almost like I didn’t wear primer at all.
So all in all I would skip this product and get something that may cost more, but will actually do the job.
That same day I used the Shimmer Palette, and this I admit has become my Holy Grail Highlighter! Although the packaging on this is AWEFUL, it is so big and bulky you can’t really take it with you but it gives the most beautiful shimmer without making you look glittery, and it doesn’t powder like crazy either. My favorite highlighter WAS the Smashbox  Soft Lights, which is smaller, but it powders the second a brush hits it, where as this one doesn’t. Also the highlight actually lasted the day, I used it on my brow bone, cheek bone, and inner corner of my eye and it looked beautiful all day. I would TOTALLY recommend this product!








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