What I Got For Christmas 2020

I had such a wonderful Christmas over zoom with my family this year and thought I would continue the tradition of What I Got For Christmas, which btw my first WIGFC haul went live in 2012 and I have done one every year since!

This is the Almond Cow its a milk making machine for at home, I saw this in Rachel Talbots stories and instantly wanted one! You can make any type of oat or nut milk with this machine in about 5 minutes time and then use the pulp in baking and cooking so nothing goes to waste!

I saw this jacket on Anna Saccone’s stories and loved it, its the light puffer style which is perfect for winter here in Hawaii!

These shorts are from Gym Shark and I love them, they are so comfortable and soft perfect for spin and yoga!

This is the shampoo I use to keep the brass at bay but I’ve never tried the conditioner or the leave in so I’m super excited to give it a go!

My mom knows how much I love a good bubble bath and she got me a luxury bath pillow and I can’t wait to put it to use!

This meditation stool is so heavy but so comfortable to sit on I love it!

This is the most epic bag I’ve ever owned and I love it so much already and I haven’t even worn it out yet haha!

I got the matching wallet and it even has a space to hold your phone!

This is the Beauty Bio Complete Kit and I can’t wait to put it to use this is a face and body micro needling set and you know I’ll be reporting back my findings soon!

This yoga stool is another thing I saw on Rachel Talbots stories and I immediately sent the link to my mom because she was looking for a milking stool haha! I can’t wait to start working on inversions again as I have that set as a goal for 2021!

And finally a new yoga bolster, Louis stole the one I got last Christmas so I finally have one of my own again!!

That is everything I got this this year, I will link the video for this post here so you can see each item IRL!


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