What I’m Doing To Lose Weight | My Meals Monday

Ive decided to use the last half of this year to get fit and lose some weight, so I thought I would show you guys what I’m eating and the exercises I’m doing to make that happen!

First thing in the morning I do the Lucy Wyndham-Read 7 day video, this workout is no joke, I recently completed a week with it and I am now adding in a second round so instead of 7 minutes I’m doing 14!

Breakfast consists of 2-3 eggs either scrambled or poached, some cherry tomatoes, an iced coffee, and 6 oz of orange juice with vital proteins collagen powder mixed in.

For a morning snack I eat 1-2 of these chicken skewers from Costco, they are great to have on hand for something really quick, and these are so flavorful and juicy!

For lunch I had a steak and green beans, I bout a flank steak and cut it into 6 steaks and precooked all of them along with a big bag of green beans to keep me on track without having to add a bunch of cooking into my day.

For my afternoon snack I had a bowl of watermelon, this is half of a baby seedless watermelon, and honestly it was amazing!!

I was still pretty full from lunch and the watermelon so for dinner I just did a little snack bowl of BabyBel cheese, mini peppers, black olives, and hummus.

After dinner I did a 30 minute spin class on the peloton app, the spin bike I’m using is the Sunny Health Pro and you can find it here on amazon, I did a lot of research on this bike before buying it as I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I wanted a quality bike, I also got the tablet stand attachment so I can have my iPad attached as I do use the Peloton app for spin!

Also as a side note this room isn’t messy 🤦‍♀️😂 the mirror in my bathroom fell off the wall but didn’t break so we are going to reattach it, but until then we laid it on the bed and had to pick up Louis’ stairs because we don’t want him to sit on it and possibly hurt himself, so thats why it looks likes everything is stacked high up lol!

To watch the full video for this post you can find it here!


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