What I’m Reading Wednesday: Game Of Thrones

June 2013 I purchased the entire box set of Game of Thrones, because I am OBSESSED with this show, to me this show is my love of monarchs and history (kinda, it’s in a time before cars hahaha) meets fantasy and syfy.  So I have now made it to the middle of book three and really just in time because the show has just started up again and now I’m just a little bit ahead of the show. I want to finish the book as quickly as possible as I don’t know how quickly the show will follow  through it and I want to make sure that the book doesn’t get ruined for me.

Any time someone asks me if I think they would like the show I always say “imagine The Tudors meets Harry Potter, you have the in-fighting of the nobility, as well as dragons, worgs (which are kinda  like the Animagus’ in Harry Potter), and White Walkers (which remind me of the Dementors).

The books and the show are a bit on the gory side so be prepared for some blood, and incest, but if you can handle that you will love these books. Also remember how I said I started in June 2013, that was NOT a joke, be prepared for the long haul, these books are long, but very detailed, and worth every 6 months spent reading 1 book 🙂 I will say they make great summer  books for lounging by the pool.

Here is the iTunes listing for the book set I purchased.



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