Where is the Love???

I know I just got back from a long break and have suddenly dissapearded again, but I have been knee deep in a massive declutter, since reading “The Life Changing Magic Of Decluttering and Tidying” by marie kondo.

While I am almost done, I still don’t have time to resume my normal schedule, that will happen in about 4-5 days, but if you miss my face you can follow me on SnapChat: KatieSnyder 157 because I am snap vlogging this whole process!

The reason I wanted to jump on here, was yesterday Anna Saccone uploaded a video that was so honest, raw, and powerful I wanted to share it with you guys. As you know I dealt with my own mini version of the “online haters” group and while I did say I would never mention it again, I wanted to make sure all of you have had the chance to see Anna’s video as it really highlights the damage that online bullying can have on someone.

While I understand that none of the “haters” knew she was suffering from any mental health issues, it’s important to note just that, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DEALING WITH OFF THE INTERNET!

So today I ask you all to watch her video, share it out, and then ask, where is the love? Where did we as humanity go wrong? At what point did it become ok to not only judge people based on their weight/appearance, but to actually write those words onto that persons blog/youtube channel? I know many people will say, “it’s not just her appearance they are attacking her on, it’s her lifestyle, parenting, cleaning, dog walking….” , the list goes on, but again, what makes it ok to judge someone for their lifestyle choices?

The online community went through that “tumblr” phase a while back, where people complained it got too politically correct, and they felt like they had to walk on egg shells.

I’m not asking you to reexamine your entire life, or censor your every thought, I’m just asking you to listen to that little voice inside your head that tells you whether or not you should click “publish” on the comment your writing, as well as if someone sent you that message, how would it make you feel?


Also just a quick note: While I normally am all for free speech, I will be deleting any negative comments on this post, as the point is to reach out and empower people going through their own mental health/bullying problems, so please don’t waste your time or mine by leaving hateful words.



  1. July 27, 2016 / 3:15 am

    That was amazing, glad to of seen this video

  2. Amelia Banasiak
    July 27, 2016 / 3:16 am

    AMAZING and so nice to hear

  3. July 31, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    That was amazing, such an inspirational video!

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