Winter Fashion Haul & 25 Days Of Christmas Day 13


Living in Hawaii means I have access to gorgeous beaches year round, amazing tropical fruits always growing, and outdoor activities a plenty, but living in Hawaii also means I don’t have to change up my wardrobe from summer to winter aside from a light sweater and some rain boots.

Knowing all of this, I did a little shopping on Black Friday and thought I would share with you everything I got.


These burgundy ankle boots are from Old Navy, I love them, they have a 2 inch heel which is perfect for those days that you want something classy but comfy at the same time.

The Michael Kors rain boots I purchased from Nordstrom at a huge discount, and they were much cheaper than the Hunter rain boots I was originally going to get, the only downside is the squeaking, it literally sounds like I’m walking on ducks lol.


I LOVE Old Navy’s Curvy Skinny Jeans, they give you the skinny jean look without showing off all your bulgy bits, they also come in about 5 different denim shades so major +.


This is actually my Christmas Day outfit, I was a bit disappointed when the dress arrives, as online it stated it was black, it’s actually a very dark brown, as well as in the picture it looked like it was glittery/sparkly, when intact its just a bunch of Khaki dots, but I will wear it none the less, the tights are a textured print and while they look quite thick them seem to still be able to breathe.


I also grabbed a few basic shirts, I got 3 v-neck tees, and a 3/4 sleeve sweater with pocket on the front.

I also got a new knit sweater, but sadly spilt coffee before I could get a picture so it is currently in the wash, but you can view it here.

Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Vlogmas Day 12!


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