Workout Wednesday

Hey everyone so today is actually a thursday but since we got Louis it has been difficult to find a minute to blog without one or both of the dogs begging for attention, so its a day late but at least I’m in the week it’s supposed to be in…so lets jump in.

I started off by doing two roll-downs, I really like doing these because it loosens up your lower back as well as the back of your thighs before a workout, then I went into planking, as you guys know I am trying to build up to doing a 5+ minute plank…right now I’m at maybe 20 seconds. Then I wanted to work the legs so I did side leg lifts, then I did some clamming for the inner thighs, and went into fire hydrins, after that I did a little ab exercise to warm up for my big finish….THE WORST PILATES ROLL OVER EVER!!!!!!!! I linked what a “proper” roll over should look like in the video, and mine is no where near it, I used to actually be pretty good at these and then some how over the summer/fall something happened and I looked down in December and had a huge bowl full of jelly, and not in a good way….so now I pay the price for not paying attention on a regular bases and must start my work all over again.

Quick note about the video I had the Lorde album playing whilst I was working out, because why wouldn’t you play that while working out, and needless to say YouTube is dying over this so you may have to watch it on an actual computer not a mobile devise, sorry for that and next time i won’t play music.

Until next time…





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