Workout Wednesday: Kayla Itsines BBG PreWK2

So today is Pre-Training Week 2 of the Kayla Itsines BBG and I have to tell you my body is so incredibly sore, mostly from these workouts but also because i have been hitting the gym daily and any days I’m not doing the BBG I’m doing cardio, but I know if I want a Bikini Body by October I need to work hard now so I can play on the beach then.

I haven’t taken this weeks photo yet so I will add that in tonight when I can take it, but I wanted to mention last weeks picture should have said Before and then this one should say week 1 because I have only completed 1 week of this program which is why we are on week two, so when I upload the picture tonight I will change the other picture to say before.

Here is the Main Channel Video, Daily Vlog, and Gaming Channel Video.



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