Workout Wednesday: My Pilates Reformer Lower Body Routine

I have mentioned before that Don got me a Pilates Reformer last year for my birthday, as one of my favorite workouts is Pilates, but it was getting very expensive going 7 days a week, so the reformer paid for itself after about 4 months of owning it. Sadly the reformer sat unused for many months as its so big and heavy I was unable to pull it out and use it on  my own, but I recently got some furniture pads to stick under it and now I am able to drag this thing all over the house!!!

I thought I would share with you my lower body Pilates routine for today’s Workout Wednesday and I am hoping to reignite my love for Pilates, and hopefully start doing it everyday day again.

Also I have linked the reformer I have above but I thought I would link this one as well because it is much smaller and can actually be used and then placed under a bed or stood up in a closet, and is almost half the price of the other one.
Here is today’s Main Channel Video and Daily Vlog!



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