Workout Wednesday: Nike Zoom Fit Agility Shoes

Today I spent the day at the salon getting my hair done, but unfortunately it is so hot I had to put my hair up immediately, so I’ll have to show it off another day, but I also received my long awaited Nike Zoom Fit Agility in the mail today (there was literally nobody on this island that sold them), so I thought it would make for a perfect Workout Wednesday post.





I tried them on already and walked around a bit in them, I can say it definitely feels different because of the pods, but also I wish I would have known that these shoes run a size small, which is so annoying because I read all of the info on the Nike website and nowhere did it say that but I’m hoping that after wearing them for some time they will loosen up.

Here is todays’ Main Channel Video, Daily Vlog, and Gaming Channel Video.



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