Workout Wednesday: Ross Fitness Clothing Haul

I recently went into my local Ross, so I could pick up a few items to replenish my Fitness wardrobe, I’ve noticed since I’ve started doing the Kayla Itsines BBG, and Spin on a regular basis (4 times a week), the wear and tear on my clothing has greatly increased, so a little top pff was desperately needed. Here is everything I got…


I purchased two of the exact same shirts because they are made of very thin material, and after doing Kayla Itsines or spin you are desperately wanting a thin shirt, so I got the lettering in 2 different colors so they could be worn on a regular basis but I can’t wait to try this whilst doing burpees, and feeling like I’m going to die from heat stroke lol.


I loved these capries as soon as I saw them as they had a very New York look too them, or maybe thats just me lol.


Then this galaxy print came into view and I was full on running pushing people out of my way, I am completely obsessed with the show Doctor Who, and these just made me feel like I belonged on the tardis, lol.



I picked up a couple of sports bras to top off the shopping trip as I wanted some that had the cups but that weren’t all mangled from the washer, I know your supposed to remove them before washing but frankly who has time for all that, and they are a pain in the you know what trying to get them back in so I would rather buy them at Ross for $6 and replace them every 6 months lol.

So thats everything I got on this little shopping trip, you can see today’s Main Channel video here and today’s Daily Vlog here!



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  1. August 26, 2016 / 9:43 am

    I'm larger on my bottom and I'm at a heavy weight for me, 185 right now. I found these workout clothes for the first time at TJ Maxx and my hunt for more ended here. I am very pleased and will buy more!

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