Workout Wednesday: To Join A Gym…

When I turned 18 I joined 24 HR Fitness and went everyday, then when Don and I moved back to California there wasn’t a local 24 Hr Fitness and so I no longer went to the gym…Fast foreword 2 years and we returned to Hawaii, by this time I had gain 20 pounds and was unhappy with the way I looked. Don and I started going to the little gym that my complex had but it wasn’t quite enough for me…Then we again moved back to California in 2008 (Don is in real estate and that is were his whole business is located), I decided then to join Sun Oaks Tennis and Fitness, it was AMAZING, not only is the gym the best one I ever joined as it has 1 lap pool, a normal pool, around 5 outdoor tennis courts, 4 indoor tennis courts, 3 racquet ball courts, a cardio room, a weights room, classes up the wazoo (pilates, yoga, spin, zumba…), and daycare, but the people that work there were the kindest most supportive people I have ever met. I went to this gym daily for a year and was finally had my body back to where I wanted it. Then we again moved back to Hawaii, and started going back to our little depressed complex gym, in this gym the only thing available to me is a treadmill and elliptical, so after a year of going I had gained the 20 pounds back, and so began my long road of yoyo dieting and exercising, I tried everything Atkins, the zone, Jillian Michael’s, T25, nothing seemed to be a long term fix for.

Last week I told you guys I had rejoined 24 HR Fitness, this I feel like is the best fit for me, (and not because 24 HR Fitness is so amazing my local one is literally just cardio and weights), I have proven through past history I am a gym bunny, I excel at my fitness goals when I have access to a well equipped gym, and cannot be trusted to workout from home.

So now is a good time to ask yourself: Should I join a gym? 

If you can commit an hour a day and hold yourself accountable enough to get yourself there everyday, I would highly recommend a gym, if however you are a total superhuman with the ability to consistently workout at home (I’m super jealous of you BTW), then continue on your path and best of luck.

What ever you decided it comes down to being honest with yourself, I had to face a hard truth a few weeks ago, I had to come to terms with the fact that I have allowed myself to go from being incredibly happy with myself and my life to being disgusted by my own reflection and doubting everything I do in my life, and I allowed this to happen in just 5 short years. So that is why I am making a commitment to myself, to go to the gym everyday, to focus on doing things that make me happy, and to remember that I am blessed to live the life I lead and to remember that only I am responsible for my happiness.


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