Workout Wednesday: Where I’m At With My Fitness

For Workout Wednesday I thought I would do a post on where I am at as far as my fitness routine and level go…So as you guys know I got sick at the end of June as was down for about 2 weeks from that, but I have started back in the gym and I’m going 7 days a week, I use my Polar FT4 Heart Rate monitor to track my calories burned, I also use the Kayla Itsines BBG for my circuit training. I have decide to start the BBG over as I was only on week 3 when I got sick and feel that missing those 2 weeks has set me back to the beginning so on Monday I started from the beginning and feel really good about this decision, I have 105 days until my birthday and I’m hoping to be at 130lbs by then, its not my full on goal weight but it’s a huge step closer, because of that I need to be hitting the gym daily and watching my diet very closely but I have become a bit of a gym addict as of late and feel really positive about the future!

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