Workout Wednesday

So we have another Workout Wednesday today, this time I made sure to leave enough time in the day to do something other than stretching. I started out by applying my ToeSox because anytime you are doing a mat workout its best to have something to give you some grip, especially when using a Pilates mat which is thicker than a yoga mat so you can sometimes have a little more slipping.

Then I start out by doing a few SIDE LEG LIFTS (not sure what they are actually called, I just make up names for everything lol) I try to line up my shoulder and my hips without allowing twisting in the waist in order to build a strong core. Then I move on to LEG BACKS, this is an exercise you can feel working your butt even though it looks like your pretty much not doing anything. I then drop into a quick CHILDS POSE to release the tension on my back, and quickly move onto DONKEY KICKS, again working the butt here but a bit more consintraded. Again CHILDS POSE….and now we are moving onto LEG SCISSORS, pulsing two times, try to keep your core as tight as possible ( hard for me right now) and you will feel this in your abs. I then did a few LEG ROLLS just to relax my back and then moved onto CYCLING ABS these things hurt like a Mother!!! But thats how you know its working, remember to relax the core and you will increase the benefits of this exercise significantly. I then go into PLANKS, my goal is to be able to do a 5 minute plank by the end of this year, (craycray i know). Remember to drop into CHILDS POSE whenever you need a break. Then I go into AB SCOOPS I call it that because you are literally scooping your body as you do this and can totally feel it throughout your abs as well as your arms and legs.

I hope that by the end of Febuary I will have a higher fitness level for more stanima as well as being able to move on to more advanced exercise.

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