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After spending a few months working out with a personal trainer I feel stronger and happier, but I also feel tighter, and not in the good way lol. Taylor (my trainer) suggested I start doing yoga as a way of loosening up and also getting a bit of relaxing time in. I was in the mindset of going to a yoga class everyday and getting super bendy, everything in my life was going to be amazing, well it didn’t really work out that way for me.

I attended a yoga class and saw first hand how unbendy I am, and with the aches and pains that always seem to accompany a new fitness plan I realized pretty quickly I wouldn’t be doing a 70 minute class everyday. I jumped online and found a couple of at home yoga classes that are about 10-15 minutes that would help me loosen up and get me back to my flexible self, (did I mention I did cheerleading most of my youth?).

Anyone can tell you that to do a job you need the right tools and in this case in walked YogaClub! YogaClub is a monthly fitness subscription box that sends you a new yoga outfit every month! After looking through their site I realized that the cost of the 3 piece yoga outfit was only $10 more than the yoga pants I was buying on my own, so who wouldn’t want three items instead of one lol.

When you first sign up you’ll go through their style quiz, they will ask do you like capris, pants, or shorts, do you like bright colors like hot pink, or neutral tones like black and grey, do you like prints or just one solid color. After all of that is said and done, they will pick out your items and wrap them ever so nicely and post them to you. Once you have them you can decide if they truly are your style, if not send them back for a replacement or your money back.

I prefer capris, with neutral tones, and like both solid and prints, so for this month I got a black spaghetti strap with a deep V in the back, grey print capris, and a ling-sleeve light weight black t-shirt. I loved all of my items, and would have picked these exact items out in a store, I just got them much cheaper from YogaClub. Also as a wildlife and nature supporter I love that they have partnered with so many high quality eco friendly brands, so you can enjoy the ultimate yoga lifestyle guilt free!

YogaClub has also offered you guys the opportunity to try out their subscription service by using “KATIE20” at checkout for 20% off your order, or you can click this link and it will automatically apply the code for you!

I also thought I would show you guys the morning flow I have been doing as a way to wake up and get the day started right! You can find that in the video below! I would also like to know if you guys already do yoga regularly or if it’s something your trying to get into!


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