2018 New Years Resolutions & Life Goals

Happy New Year!!! I’m so excited to start working on my goals for 2018, and this year I am doing them a tiny bit different, I hate how so many of us lose sight of our New Years resolutions and it becomes the standing joke, so this year I have created life goals to work towards. I have broken those life goals down into months, in those months it tells me everything I need to do to start living MY BEST LIFE, the phrase MY BEST LIFE is the theme for 2018 that I have set for myself, it stems from the inspiration and motivation I got from reading You Are A BadAss, I honestly cannot reccomend it enough, though you guys are probably tired of hearing me talk about it lol.

I have broken my goals into 4 categories they are Mental Health, Physical Health, Personal Life, and Work Life, within each category is a handful of goals for the year for me to work towards, lets start with Mental Health!


  1. Meditate Daily– I go into meditation this year through Rochelle Fox’s MindSpo and I want to make the time everyday.
  2. Have at least 15 minutes of me time everyday– You would think that not having kids would mean I have loads of time, but it seems like anytime I need for myself always gets pushed to the back burner when ever anything else comes up.
  3. Get rid of toxic people– This is a very popular phrase right now and I’m sure you’ve seen so many people talk about this, I have a bit of experience on this and I actually don’t have any truly “TOXIC” people in my life anymore, however there are a handful of people that I would consider to be negative in their thinking and negative towards me, so this year I am going to distance myself from them.
  4. Stick to my cleaning & organizing routine–  I am one of those people that gets really stressed and overwhelmed when my house is a mess, I don’t mean it bugs me, I mean I lose sleep, I start biting my nails, I start to feel negative towards myself etc, I NEED a clean organized space at all times, so sticking to my routine helps keep my house clean and my mind balanced.
  5. Stick to your pamper routine– When I talked about this in the video I wished I had gone into a bit more detail about why I stuck getting my nails done, a massage, and my brows in the mental health section, thankfully I have this space to clear up any confusion. I am a firm believer in self care/self love when you’re talking care of yourself, you’re actually taking care of everyone else in your life. By spending a bit of time keeping up with your favorite little beauty routines or indulgences (as some would see them) you’re actually taking the time to look at yourself and what you need, by doing that you yourself tend to be happier, and if you’re happy then the energy you are putting into you’re family is positive, meaning Happy Wife, Happy Life!


  1. Lose weight– This is honestly something I have failed miserably at for the past couple of years, this year I have spent some time creating a workout routine that suits my needs, ability, and schedule. I have also set really small monthly goals for myself so rather than saying “I want to lose 60 pounds” I’m saying “I want to lose 5 pounds in January”, I think by changing the mindset and also creating something that works for me will help.
  2. Walk the dogs for 1 hour daily– Louis (black & white dog) is about 15 pounds over weight and this year I am putting a lot of my energy into helping him, so we have him on a diet, and by adding in a long walk daily, which they both love, it will help him lose the weight he needs to lose, and it will also help me as a long walk is good for the mind and the body!
  3. Cook more– My name is Katie and I’m addicted to BiteSquad lol, the past 6 months we have had delivery from them at least 2 times a week, well no more I am switching back to meal planning and will be saving myself some calories and money!
  4. Complete 1 & 2 of Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guide– This is a great at home program, and with each one being about 14 weeks that gives me 28 weeks worth of workouts!
  5. Continue my skincare– I have worked really hard creating the perfect routine for me, and I am starting to see some changes in my skin discoloration and sun spots, so I want to make sure that I continue to make it a priority in the new year.


  1. Move by 1/1/2019– We have pretty much had it with our current living situation, so this year we will be moving, we just don’t know where, we are considering staying in Hawaii but I would say the percentage of that is less than 10%, we are also looking at Texas and Utah, I’m really rooting for Utah!
  2. Get pregnant– I am feeling very broody and while I will be focusing on my weight at the beginning of this year I will be focusing on getting pregnant at the end of the year. This is something I have already talking to my doctor about and she is totally on board with this plan.
  3. Travel somewhere– This year we have to go to Las Vegas for a few days, whilst we are one the mainland we will be visiting Texas and Utah to be looking for our future home. Traveling once a year is something I would like to make a habit of going forward.
  4. Family Reunion– My family and I used to get together once a year, but now everyone is having babies and life is getting in the way, so I’m taking it upon myself to plan a family reunion every year and FORCE my entire family to be there lol!
  5. Go Vegetarian Again– I spent over a year being vegetarian and then thought I would make the transition to vegan, unfortunately I had no idea what I was doing and wasn’t supplementing, I was essentially surviving off of salads and fruit. So after 3 months of not feeling well I went to my doctor who recommended getting off the vegan diet until I was fully knowledgable about what I was doing, and I started eating eat again. This year I want to go back to being vegetarian by cutting something out every month, this month is dairy.


  1. Vlog Daily– I say this every year, and had I not got the chicken pox, and had Don not ended up in the hospital I probably would have made it, but this year I really want to make the effort, I love looking back at my old vlogs and I think since I am creating MY BEST LIFE this year I would want to watch those back.
  2. Follow my upload schedule/newsletter/blog– I have created a schedule for my youtube and my blog that I want to follow, as well as sending out the weekly newsletter.
  3. Grow my social media– I have spent so much time focusing on youtube that the rest of my social media suffers so this year I want to pay a bit more attention to my facebook, instagram, and twitter.
  4. Hit 100K subscribers– In in 12/2016 I said if I didn’t hit 5k by the end of 2017 I was going to quit, I ended the year just shy of 26K, so this year my goal is 100K I know it’s lofty but I feel up to the challenge
  5. Meet my subscribers– This year when I’m on the mainland I want to tweet out the city I’m in and ask any of you in that area to come meet me for coffee/lunch, are you in?

Those are my goals for 2018, if you want any more information on creating YOUR BEST LIFE let me know and I’ll do a post for you, also don’t forget to leave your goals for this year in the comments, and you can watch the video for this post here.



  1. Tatjana CVEJIC
    January 3, 2018 / 12:12 am

    Great post! Love it! 👏👏👏👌👌👌💕💕💕

  2. Leblanc aza
    January 3, 2018 / 4:23 am

    This was my favorite post till this day!!
    💪💪💪💪 You can, we can 💪💪💪💪

    • Katie Snyder
      January 3, 2018 / 10:07 am


  3. Kriti Goyal
    January 7, 2018 / 7:34 pm

    This is a great idea of having resolution which you can fulfill…I loved the idea and hope you could get all this year…have a best life Katie.

  4. Jennifer Berkowitz
    January 12, 2018 / 4:24 am

    I’m so excited for u 💜 .. wow those are some really great things to work for ! A move , a baby . You will be a great mom .. keep us posted we love u 💜

  5. Jennifer Berkowitz
    January 13, 2018 / 5:08 am

    Keep on working hard on all ur goal .. we’re all right behind you 💜💜💪💪💪

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