BeautyBio Micro Needling 1st Impression

In my What I Got For Christmas post I showed you guys the amazing BeautyBio complete micro needling set that I got and you all had so many questions but the two biggest ones were “Does it hurt?” and “Do you bleed when you use it?”

Well, today I went through and tried every single attachment and can report back that you definitely don’t bleed when you use it, but it also doesn’t hurt either. I think the only way I can describe what it feels like is when sandpaper lightly brushes across your skin accidentally, there wasn’t any pain and I actually feel really dumb for being so dramatic and nervous 🤣

Unfortunately BeautyBio only had The Complete Glo set available for Christmas, they do still have the Geo Pro set, which comes with the Face attachment, then you can add on the Chryo Set, the Eye, Lip, & Body rollers, and you’ll be all set for your own journey!

If you want to see me go through the whole process you can find the video here!


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