Fun Friday: December Favorites



I cannot believe it’s time for me to do my December Favorites, I feel like Christmas went by to fast, so I have decided it should come back lol. Anyhoos I noticed most of my favorites this month all stem from the same makeup look I wore all month long but I guess thats why they’re my favorites hahaha.

The Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara is my favorite “natural” mascara, I feel like it gives me the volume and the length I am looking for in an everyday mascara without being over the top.

The Sei Bella Brow Stick has to be my all time favorite brow product, there is no powders, waxes, brushes, or highlighter, as well as it has a really natural look to it, and they offer 4-5 different colors so your bound to find your shade.


My Naked 2 Palette is my favorite out of the 3, I feel like this palette has more everyday usable colors as well as the color range, your not boxed into the rose color area.


This Sally Hansen Complete Care top and bottom coat I have been using almost daily, I love the protection it gives to your nail polish to prevent the usual wear and tear as well as the amount of Luster you get off this product is INSANE!!! I have never had such a lustrous top coat as well as it is supposed to be hydrating for your nails s well.


The ELF Angled Eyeliner Brush is my favorite brush to apply gel liner, it offers a very thing straight brush that is positioned at the perfect angle so you can achieve a perfectly straight line as well as a really great flick for the ever illusive perfect cat eye.


Now I know you guys are probably getting so tired of seeing the Maybelline HighLight Studio Hi-Lighting Bronzer but I find this to be perfect for everyday shimmer and bronzer it is so effortless as well as its not to dark so there isn’t a tone of blending involved. Intact this would make a really great introduction to bronzer.


My Rimmel Stay Matte Powder has really come in handy this month as it has been cold and windy but super humid at the same time from the amount of rain we have gotten, which means we all sweat a tiny bit more so this powder has helped to keep shine down, as well as my makeup in place.


My Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is such an oldie but a goodie, it not only lasts all day but isn’t really dry so its easy t remove at the end of the day.


My Revlon Shimmer Lipstick in Pink Pearl is my current go to nude lip, the color is great, but whats even better is the creaminess and moisture in this lipstick you will find that you can apply this instead of a lip balm and it is still moisturizing.


Then we have the Morocco Argan Oil Hair Spray, this is so amazing I got it in November’s Ipsy Bag and I’m hooked it isn’t sticky, crunchy, or stiff, as well as it makes your hair shine and stays in place all day.

For my favorite movie this month I would say all things Christmas related i.e. Elf on a shelf, Elf, A Christmas Story, and I could go on forever. I love ll things Christmas and watched all things Christmas this month.

For my favorite tv show it would have to go to the Netflix version of the Borgia’s they not only stuck more closely with history than showtimes but they were able to keep the many characters in line soy never felt lost, but I have to say my favorite part was at the end of the series they actually took you though and told you what happened to all the main characters.

My favorite book this month was The Style Diet by Anna Saccone (now SacconeJoly), Anna wrote this book around 5 years ago way before the onslaught of YouTube books and I have to say I think hers was way over looked and had a much more important message, her book helps you find your style as in what is right for you rather than what is right for the runway models. In her book she will help you figure out your body type, colors that will look good on you, what type of accessories to wear, what type of clothes to wear, and it’s all in the hopes that once you learn to dress yourself in a way that compliments your body you will no longer feel the need to do crash diet to look like Kendall Jenner.I really hope her new management team promotes her book and she gets some media coverage for it, because in todays world of online bullying and “THINsperation” boards it is really nice to have someone say “love the skin your in and eat that plate of pasta” hahaha.

Quick Note: I bought her book in iBooks as the lulu book was like $30 and the iBooks version was only $10

My favorite YouTube channel this month is the Shaytards, i loved their Christmas special as well as they live in close proximity to my mom so I know the areas they are talking about and that kinda makes it more fun for me.

And that is it for this months favorites I know there was a lot in there but I did truly love all of the items listed above. What were your December Favorites?



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