Frank Body Review

Last year I placed my first order with Frank Body, and after showing you all in a vlog, I said I would do a review. Well the last few months have kinda gotten away from me but I am now finally getting around to doing it, and I am so excited to tell you guys my thoughts.

Before we jump into that first let me tell you what I bought:

Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo

Body Cream

The Grind High Club (No longer available as a set, but individually)

The lip duo comes with a lip scrub that smells like a java chip frappe, it has that distinctive coffee scent mixed with a heavy sweetness. It also contains a lip balm, the balm is thick almost like vaseline, and so incredibly moisturizing. I myself like very moisturized lips and this does the trick. I would recommend using the scrub 2-3 times a week and following up with the lip balm, your lips will be ready for that matte liquid lipstick at a moments notice.

The Grind High Club comes with four small packages of body scrub in four different scents, you have Original Coffee Scrub, Cacao Coffee Scrub, Peppermint Coffee Scrub, and Coconut Coffee Scrub.

The Original Coffee Scrub smells just like coffee, and has enough grit that you feel freshly scrubbed, without irritating or over scrubbing your skin.

The Cacao Coffee Scrubs is almost identical to the Original Scrub but with a hint of chocolate.

The Peppermint Coffee Scrub is my favorite of this mix, it literally smells like your massaging your body with Christmas! I also find that the peppermint within the mixture when used with hot water is a great way of clearing congestion when you have a cold, so an added bonus lol.

The Coconut Coffee Scrub was my least favorite of the four, they all have the same texture and give you the same results, however the coconut does have small white flecks in it, which is quite off putting as it makes me think there bugs in there (there isn’t). I also found the coconut scent seems a bit fake, as an avid coconut user there is a very distinct scent to it, and this one just seemed to be not what I was expecting.

The final item I purchased was the Body Cream, this is probably my all time favorite body cream. I’m not going to lie the scent is strange, it reminds me of play dough, but once you massage it into the skin there is no residual scent. This is a very heavy cream that could add moisture to a lizards skin, due to that I tend to only use this at night, as during the day it’s a bit too much. When you wake up in the morning your skin will be so soft and smooth, and it has a luxury feel to it.

When I first heard about Frank Body a few years ago I thought it was a gimmick company selling coffee grounds to exfoliate with. I have completely changed my thoughts on it for two reasons, the first being science. There is scientific evidence linking the use of caffeine via coffee grounds to the breakdown of cellulite, and as I said in my video, if rubbing some coffee grounds on my ass will help get rid of the cellulite sign me up lol. The second reason I changed my mind is actually trying it. They say seeing is believing and frankly my skin always looks amazing after using these products.

If you would like to watch the video for this post you can find it here. If you’ve ever tried Frank Body I would love to know your thoughts on it. I would also like to know which of the above items you would be most interested in trying.

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