Packing Up Our House

Ok going through this whole process has been a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be! Its hard to feel like we are leaving this place behind, we’ve had so many amazing memories here, we had an amazing life here, and we are leaving so many people behind, but I know this is right for us and so we will continue forward!

I thought I would share some of the things we’ve learned through this process in case you yourself are moving or plan to!

  1. It’s not necessary to hire a moving company but you should hire someone or have a friend/family help you on truck loading day, we used a Pod to move and you get charged by how many days you have it at your house to fill so we ordered it for 4 days 1 day for drop off 1 day for pick up and 2 days for loading. Having 5 people that spent all days days working to load was so helpful we had a couple people inside loading the flat cart and a couple people outside unloading the carts and then 1 person pushing the carts back and forth!
  2. Buy your boxes and all other supplies from Lowes or Home Depot they sell them in bulk and individually but they are so much cheaper than U-Haul and storage places.
  3. Sort before packing. Go through room by room and sort out what you won’t be taking with you and get rid of it, then start packing that room, once you’re done move on to the next room.
  4. Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need, there is always something that will go wrong or take more time.
  5. Keep a note in your phone of all tasks and check them off as you complete them, add new ones as they come up, having this one space for all things means nothing slips through the cracks.
  6. Remember to do a big going away party, this is a nonnegotiable in my mind, you need this goodbye so set time aside for it and fully enjoy yourself!

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