Steve Madden Slippers

For those of you who have followed me on YouTube, you know I have the hardest floors known to man. I have Travertine Tile throughout my entire condo, which at the time of installation was all the rage and thats why I fell for it, but in reality I should have stuck with the tried and true Hard Wood Floor. Because of my need to stay on trend my knees and ankles have suffered these past ten years walking day in and day out on these terrible floors. There is a custom in Hawaii that you don’t wear shoes in the home, intact very few people wear slippers in the home either, but because of my floors I needed something. Don went to the store about a month or so ago and surprised me with a pair of comfy slippers. I was so excited to end the day without pain in my knees, ankles, or feet, but sadly most slippers are intended to be used in colder climates and are faux fur lined or sheeps wool lined and these were no different and I was hot all the time. I went online to maces to see what assortment they had without much hope of finding what I wanted…until I saw these Steve Madden Flip-Flop Slippers (click for link)!!!!
These are so amazing they are nicely padded to provide the extra comfort I’m looking for, they are flip-flops so I’m not over-heating, and they were on sale for $11.99!!! I was sold the only question was what color do you get Black, Pink, or Yellow? I played it safe and went for black but now after receiving them I have decided to order the other 2 colors to have on hand for when these give out.
I only have one negative on these slippers and it’s not really a negative, but I am a 100% solid size 7 and I feel like because of the thickness of the cloth used for the string part (not sure what its called but the part that goes in-between the toes), they feel a tiny bit small, so I would recommend going up 1 size for optimum comfort.
I will link the other slippers made by Steve Madden and sold by Macy’s here.






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