What I Got For Christmas 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I hope you guys are all having an amazing Christmas, today I started my day off at 5:45 am so that my whole family could have a TECHNOLOGY Christmas which is where we all basically jump on a google hangout and open our presents. It was so much fun for all of use to be on at once, my brothers Brandon, Derrell, and Matthew were there and my sisters Laura and Heather too. My family lives in 4 different time zones and some of us are 5 hours apart so it makes it difficult to actually talk on a regular basis so that in itself was an amazing gift.

But lets face it know is here to read about how amazing it was to do a google hangout….on with my Christmas Gifts!!












I hope you guys enjoyed this little peak into my Christmas gifts, if you would like to see the video of What I Got For Christmas 2014, it is below.



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