Women Who Inspire Me: My Mom

Me, Mom, Brandon,
Heather, Derrell, Laura, Matthew

Growing up I was a mama’s girl, I loved my dad but my mom was where it was at for me. I remember spending hours following her around the house, and her calling me her “house mouse”, she was my first female role model, and so I thought it fitting for her to be the first subject of my Woman Who Inspire Me series. This is a series that I will be publishing every Sunday, it will focus on one woman who inspires me to be better, work harder, laugh more, and hopefully inspire others.

Looking back at my life I can honestly say my mom is the strongest woman I know. She went from being a married stay at home mom of six, to a single working mom of six in just a few short seconds. She transitioned into this role so gracefully, and without showing us kids the complete and utter desperation and sorrow she was feeling.

Laura, Derrell, Mom, Matthew.

While it was never easy she taught me that having money and items to define yourself with is a complete waste of time and energy. Rather having an amazing bond with the people you love and spending each moment like it was your last was a better route. Because of that we made incredible memories as kids, in fact every time we all get together we sit and talk and laugh about those memories to this day.

One of the greatest moments of my life was having a picnic at the Sacramento River Park in Anderson California, and the river came up and STOLE our watermelon, and as it was floating down the river all of us kids chasing after it . It seems like such a simple moment, a moment that could easily be forgotten, but to me and my family it was proof that we had risen from the ashes of sorrow and grief.

Now that I’m an adult I would hope that if I were ever in the situation she was in, I would rise to the occasion without batting an eyelash, because of the woman who raised me. I can also say I’m secretly terrified I could never measure up, I’m worried that I would panic, or fall flat on my face in so many endeavors. But always on the sidelines, whether a school play or a grand business idea this amazing woman is there cheering me on.

Me, Mom, Matthew

To me and my siblings she was simply our mom, to our neighbors she was the first one to help out in the time of need. To her friends she was “crazy Lori”, always coming up with an out of this world idea, and to her country she was a hero, she served with honor in the United States Air Force, in fact she went into basic training 6 weeks after giving birth.

In these scary political and war mongering times it’s important to stop for a moment and remember those that we love, those that make us laugh, and those that inspire us to be better. I honestly hope that each of you reading this had an amazing mother growing up, our mothers tend to be our first role models, and I was so lucky to have had the one I did.


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